The Nokia E61 is a smartphone from
Nokia E61

Nokia E61

the Eseries range, a Series 60 Third Edition device with a QWERTY keyboard targeting business users in the European market. As of Q4 2006 Cingular and Rogers Wireless have deployed a similar yet restricted version designated the Nokia E62 in the North American and Brazilian markets. The E62 is substantially similar but without an 802.11 WiFi chipset or W-CDMA (UMTS) 3G support. E61 supports 900/1800/1900 bands, while E62 can operate in 850/900/1800/1900 in order to support American networks.

On 12 February 2007 Nokia announced the E61i as a follow up product.

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  • Base Band 5 SIM locking software
  • Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC)
  • PIM including calendar, to-do list and printing[1]
  • Optional Blackberry[2] and other push e-mail service support[3]
  • 117 mm × 69.7 mm × 14 mm, 108 cc, 144 g
  • Vibrating alert
  • VoIP capable (integrated SIP client)
  • Loudspeaker
  • Support for Java ME and native Symbian applications

Included Software Edit

  • Personal Organizer / Calendar
  • File Manager
  • Contacts Manager
Media viewers
  • Music Player (supports MP3, AAC, WAV, AMR)
  • RealPlayer
  • Image browser
  • Web browser[4]
  • WAP browser (separate to web browser)
  • Email client (POP3, SMTP, IMAP)
  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation software

Included accessories Edit

  • Mono earphone with inline microphone and answer key
  • CA-44 adapter converting former Nokia 3.5 mm power plug to the new 2 mm plug
  • Data cable CA-53 from Nokia Pop-Port to USB-A type male connector
  • Quick start and user's guide, errata, additional applications booklet

Interface and Connectors Edit

Indicator light, Earpiece, Power key, Quarter VGA landscape display, Left selection key, Menu key, Five-way joystick, E-mail key, Right selection key, Call key, End key, 10×4 keyboard also functioning as keypad
Left side
Loudspeaker, Up-down volume keys, Voice key
Power jack, 14 pole pop-port connector, Microphone, Infrared transceiver
Battery cover release
Battery compartment
MiniSD Card slot (for E61) or MicroSD slot (for E61i), 3 pole battery connector, SIM
Joystick, display (molex)

E61i Edit

File:Nokia E61i.jpg

The Nokia E61i is a smartphone from the Eseries range, an S60 platform third edition device with qwerty keyboard targeting business users in the European market. It's an update to the Nokia E61 released in 2006. This product was announced on 12 February 2007 at 3GSM World Congress [5] and is now available.

The main differences over the E61 include:

  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • D-pad instead of a joystick
  • Additional buttons to access quick functions
  • Slimmer case design
  • Updated version battery
  • Upgradeable to newer firmware
  • MicroSD instead of MiniSD

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