Template loop detected: Template:InfoboxThe Nokia 230 is a rare GSM phone that was announced in November 2015 and released in December 2015 (Single SIM) and 2016 (Dual SIM) under the Microsoft company. The phone is available in 2 variants and colors, Single SIM (Dark Silver/Black, Silver/White) and Dual SIM (Dark Silver/Black, Silver/White). The main operating system is Series 30+.

The Nokia 230 for the first time has a front-facing camera with a flashlight that has 2 megapixels, and the main camera, same as the front-facing camera.

The phone is succeeded by Nokia 216 as the last Microsoft phone that was partneshiped with Nokia, before it was gone.

Trivia Edit

When Nokia 6288, N70, N95, E71, 6680, 6120 Classic and N73 were announced, they never had a front facing flash, only to have an original videorecording, which the Nokia 230 was almost as a smartphone.