Nst is part of Nseries phones, they are based on earlier Nokia 6280/8, they have fixed all problems of 6280/8, and added never seen features (Wlan, bluetooth hacking, fully functioning Skype, macro mode, etc.)

Currently known versions:

  • Nokia Nst-1 Copy of Nokia 6288, but have OS7.
  • Nokia Nst-2 Rare model.
  • Nokia Nst-3 Mixed version of Nst-2 and Nst-4, seen only in Nokia Museum.
  • Nokia Nst-4 Currently most expensive of Nst series.
  • Nokia Nst-5 Based on Nokia Nst-4, downgraded version for all users.
  • Nokia Nst-6 Completely new body and features. Rare model.
  • Nokia Nst-DV experimental model.

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